Running a site or blog can be easy as pie and can be hard as rock, nevertheless, we want to monetize them and see the fruit of our labor building it. 

In our adNetwork Page, we gather and review networks that we can use to monetize our site.

Flyersquare and Adaround Ad Network

Flysquare and have been one of a reliable ad network that allows you to monetize Cryptocurrency. They use their own decentralized token called $ADS via their ad network server,...

Read More, A Push Ad Network.

We received an email from an ad network, Vimmy Push Ad Network company which I am not aware of its existence until now. It is quite overwhelming to get an...

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The best network to monetize your site

Google Adsense is still the best network to monetize your site, some say getting your site approved in Adsense is like finding a gold, and In my opinion, could be, but a big ton of nugget in the middle of far from civilization or let’s say in the middle of the dessert. Not because you got approved means you can monetize it easily, but it all depends on how you got started with your site.  

You will see a bunch of content that talks about “how to get approved” and how to “monetize your site with adsense” in some blogs sites, news and content site companies,. and in youtube. And really, getting approved is just a beginning, and you need tools to extract that 1 big gold nugget, and 1 big simple tool and yet effective, is by creating quality content.

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